Trouvaille Winery
Some History
The '10 Vintage
Another wild ride, thanks to Mother Nature.  We typically harvest our first grapes (Klipsun Merlot) around the first week of September.  this year we started a month later because of a late start to Spring (very cool weather), and ended just about the normal time, late in October as the vines caught up.  All in all, we started and finished in just over three weeks, down from our typical eight weeks.  The condensed crush looks to have brought in some great fruit though, leading some potentially terrific wines.  As with each vintage, a very big Thank You to all of our wonderful volunteers.  We can't pull this off each year without you - Mike D.; Dave O.; Dave P.; Jen & Selso; Garry & friends; Thanks.

The '09 Vintage
A wild year in terms of weather, starting in the spring, with late snow in the vineyards, vines trying to catch up in the summer, and the a wild harvest with a major freeze hitting very early in October.  We managed to escape without losing any grapes, but it made for interesting and challenging crush and fermentation.  We ended up with some terrific wines.  Another year behind us and it's time to say a huge Thank You to each and every one of our incredible volunteers.  I've said this before but we simply can't do it without all of you - Mike & Kristin; Dave O.; Dave P.; Jen & Selso; Dawn D.; Debbie P.; Garry & friends; Trisha & Pat; Richard, Judy &Jayne; Diana V. & Karin R.

The '08 Vintage
Where to start... the construction of the winery was supposed to have been completed, but we are still trying to finish up the work while preparing for and doing crush.  Our new gravity flow designed crush pad has been inaugurated with this years crush, it works beautifully, and just as it was designed and envisioned.  Just prior to our last grapes coming in we were able to move into and fully enjoy our new facility.  A trying but good year, and again, we couldn't have done it without mountains of help from our many volunteers who came out to enjoy the autumn ritual, and the post crush social time.  Thanks to each and every one of our helpers.

The '07 Vintage

It looks to be a pretty good year for our vineyards and the grapes.  The challenges at the winery are being met with creativity, as construction is well under way here, and crush is happening in what seems like a war zone.  Thanks to great volunteers, friends and family we've made it through this year's crush with some great wines gently resting in the barrels.  Now it's time for us to rest as well.

First Commercial Vintage - '06
Our first commercial vintage was a challenging one.  One week into "crush", (the term used in the wine industry to describe the harvest and crushing of the grapes), Attila broke his foot, ankle and heel in an accident.  The following weeks and months were extremely difficult, trying to get out to the vineyards to check on, taste and pick up grapes.  As the grapes arrived at the winery, there was the crush and fermentation, then getting the wines pressed and into the barrels.  As a result of Attila's injury, we were forced to cut our production for our first vintage in half.  With an incredible amount of help from his wife Laurelee, as well as from family and friends, the great 2006 vintage is aging in the barrels.
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